Media resilience and effective communication

A healthy media landscape is one which is resilient and responsive to the dynamic and ever-evolving social, political and economic conditions of its context. In healthy democracies, state and non-state actors alike depend on strong, independent and sustainable media organisations to access credible news and information services as well as conduct open debate and dialogue. Our work, therefore, aims to support our partners in creating these conditions in their respective contexts as well as supporting them to leverage the power of media to facilitate the social and behavioural change they want. We do this through initiatives which:

  • monitor and build knowledge on the health of the media landscape in 31 African countries through our African Media Barometer
  • equip state and non-state actors with the tools to execute effective communication of their programmes and social concerns using our Voices with Purpose: Communication for Social and Behavioural Change, available in English, French and Portuguese which can be downloaded for free here. For additional resources related to the manuals, please write to info(at)

fesmedia Africa

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African Media Barometer

African Media Barometer

Our flagship African Media Barometer provides a home grown analysis of the health of the media landscape across 31 countries in Africa. More

Breakfast Meeting

Breakfast Meeting

The breakfast meetings aim to enable civil society and other actors to articulate, represent and advance their interests and causes to effectively influence policies and policy-making. More

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