About Fesmedia Africa

Fesmedia Africa is the media project of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Africa. We believe that a free and open media landscape enables ordinary people to actively take part in, influence and improve their lives, as well as those of the communities and societies they live in. To participate in public life and decision-making, people need to have the means, skills and opportunities to access, exchange and use information and knowledge. They need to be able to communicate and exchange ideas, opinions, data, facts and figures about issues that affect them and their communities. As such, our work seeks to promote the development of a free and open media landscape, safe and inclusive digital spaces and robust access to information environments which enable people to become the driving force for their economic, social and political progress.

We understand a free and open media landscape to be:

  • Open and accessible to all
  • Resilient and able to cope under unfolding political and economic pressures
  • Human rights-respecting and
  • Anchored on democratic values and the rule of law

We therefore promote:

  • Access to Information
  • Freedom of Expression
  • A liberal and democratic communications landscape

Our thematic pillars are:

We work with and support our partners to create the conditions under which the people and communities they serve can participate directly in realising their vision of sustainable economic, social, and political progress.

Pillar 1: Assessment of the Media and Access to Information Environment

Pillar 2: Debate and Discourse shaping

Pillar 3: Political Advisory Work and Education


- Advancing Information and Communication Rights in Africa

Fesmedia Africa amd pertners have identified four major themes that will shape interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa, which Fesmedia Africa is spearheading, in close cooperation with relevant stakeholders namely: Digital Rights, Access to Information, Data Protection, and Media Diversity and Viability.

- Right to Information Online Courses

Fesmedia Africa offers sponsored Right to Information Online Courses for Government and Public officials (Supply Side) and and Civil Society and journalists (Demand Side). The courses were developed in partnership with the Centre for Law (CLD) and Democracy and Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC), and they introduce participants to the Right to Information and legal frameworks that protect this right. These courses are designed to build the capacity of both governments and civil society to advance the right to information and access to information as a facilitative right for other fundamental human rights and democracy in Africa.


    Our Pillars

    Assessment of the Media and Access to Information Environment

    Assessment of the Media and Access to Information Environment

    A progressive media and Access to Information landscape are critical for the strengthening of democracy and the advancement of fundamental rights for all citizens. More

    Debate and Discourse Shaping

    Debate and Discourse Shaping

    Open and inclusive dialogue and debate form a vital part of a healthy, participatory democracy as it promotes the shaping of discourse and a common agenda. More

    Political Advisory and Education Work

    Political Advisory and Education Work

    Fesmedia Africa’s political and policy advisory and education work. More

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    African Media Barometer

    African Media Barometer

    Our flagship African Media Barometer provides a home grown analysis of the health of the media landscape across 31 countries in Africa. More



    fesmedia Africa has teamed up with international experts to develop online courses to support Access to Information in Africa. More