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41. Tanzania  
Tanzania is one of few countries in sub-Saharan Africa where the press is predominantly presented in the official and national language of the country (known as Swahili). The constitution provides…  
42. Togo  
Despite the development of democracy since the 1990s, freedom of expression and the press in Togo suffers from sporadic political violence, legislative, content and access restrictions. Whilst…  
43. Uganda  
Uganda’s constitution guarantees not only freedom of expression but also the right to access information. In spite of this, a growing number of repressive laws undermine these freedoms. State…  
44. Zambia  
Hailed as one of Africa’s success stories, Zambia is regarded as an attractive investment opportunity, considering the country’s steady economic growth and relatively stable environment after the…  
45. Zimbabwe  
The landlocked country of Zimbabwe has some of the oldest newspapers in Africa. The Lancaster House Constitution of December 1979 became Zimbabwe's constitution when the country became independent…  
46. Nigeria  
Nigeria has one of the most pulsating and diverse media landscapes in Africa, and the print sector in particular is generally outspoken in its criticism of unpopular government policies. However, …  
47. Overview  
Media and Publications Overview  
48. Overview  
Thematic Pillars Overview  
49. Overview  
About Overview  
50. African Media Barometer Publications  
The following publications are African Media Barometer (AMB) country reports. The AMB is an in-depth and comprehensive description system for national media environments on the African continent.…  
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